Friday, May 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle (Pose)

A good night's sleep makes so much difference.  Last night's was wonderful.  I started the night off with a glass of lovely, smokey, scrumptious wine (Woodbridge 2007 Cab, if you'd like to try it).  The wine left me drowsy, allowing me to mostly ignore the tickle in my throat.  I woke up this morning at 5:30, feeling refreshed for the first time in days.  I celebrated with an early morning walk in the neighborhood, listening to meditative music.

I returned to my Ashtanga Yoga class today too.  Boy, did I sweat. But my stamina and energy level are so low.  Still, I managed a shoulder stand for the first time, and noticed several bend and twist poses that were much easier now that I'm carrying a lot less bulk around the stomach.  Good for my self-esteem, that.

We've had a sad turn of events in the garden, it appears.  Mother Dove hasn't been seen in 36 hours.  And, there's a beautiful white egg in her nest.  Our best guess is that the egg wasn't viable, and she left once it became clear that the egg wasn't going to hatch.  It was so nice having her in the yard, and I was so looking forward to the possibility of a chick out there.

Wish me luck tonight.  I'm working on my glass of wine as a type this.

Food log:
For breakfast: half a bagel with a little cream cheese, pears, glass of milk

Lunch: a carrot and 1/4 red pepper, 1/2c spicy lime cilantro hummus, 1oz jack cheese, an apple, 1 square Belgian dark chocolate

Dinner: sauteed carrot and zucchini slivers, shiitake mushrooms and scallions, cooked into a two-egg omelet with a little cheddar cheese.  A glass of milk.

Snacks: half a Reese's peanut butter egg

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