Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Redwoods, and other peaceful places

In the comments about my vacation wish list post, Julia mentioned an upcoming trip to the Redwoods. I thought I'd share a few pictures from the road trip our family enjoyed through this kind of country this past summer.

I have many of these pictures in frames around my office. They remind of the peace and relaxation that were so much a part of our trip. A few minutes spent focused on these photos, daydreaming about the forests and beaches, and I'm relaxed and ready to get back to the job.

Jedediah Smith State Park is in Northern California, near the Oregon border. It's chock full of old growth redwoods, with miles of quiet hiking trails to enjoy. The road into the park is densely tree-lined, and beautiful in the coastal fog.

Once on foot, the understory is dense everywhere except on the trails. The light dims as you step under the canopy of the breathtaking giants.

Traveling South, the highway quickly snuggles up to the coast, passing by miles and miles of stunning beaches, and sleepy coastal towns.

Just past Fort Bragg, highway 128 cuts East through the hills and the last stretch of stunning redwoods. Just when you're stomach can't take another twisting turn, the road straightens out, the redwoods drop back from the road and turn into oaks, and the California Wine Country opens up in front of you.

The Oregon and California coast is one of my favorite places. We'll be back. Maybe we'll hit some of the other places on our destination wish list first, but we'll be back.