Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grumpy like a camel

I've been trying, in these blog posts, to focus on the things each day that connect with my soul. The things that make me feel good. Frankly, today was a hard day for that. The constant coughing is taking a toll, filling up my sinuses to give me a day-long headache, and pulling muscles in my neck, turning each cough into a painful episode. I haven't slept really well, for very long, in days. It all made me tired and grouchy today, blinding me to the small things that usually do my soul a world of good.

Tomorrow is another day. I have my Ashtanga yoga class to look forward to, and maybe tonight's sleep will be better. Today? Well, some days are like that.

Food log:

Breakfast: a bowl of apples and pears, dressed with vanilla yoghurt, a little granola, and ground flax seeds.

Lunch: large salad of mixed greens, spinach, hard-boiled egg, beets, carrots, garbanzo beans, red and green peppers, dried cranberries, dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and brown mustard.

Dinner: A combination slice of pizza and half a hot dog from Costco. Expediency incarnate, but not great food. Forgot my water bottle when we left too, so I had my first Diet Coke in weeks. I've lost the taste for what used to be my drink of choice. Too sweet, the thought of all those chemicals made it karmically unpleasant, and I really didn't like the jitters all that caffeine brought on. Well, lesson learned.

Snacks: two squares of Belgian dark chocolate

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