Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Around the horn again

Last night I spent an hour or so doing "food therapy." I sauteed up some onions that we'd tried to grill up with some shishkebobs last week. The grilling didn't really caramelize them, so into the pan they went. I made up a nice big batch of roasted red pepper hummus, toasting the peppers over the flames of our gas range. I love making great food that's good for me.

No exercise today, I'm afraid. It's a crazy season at work and, despite my commitment to make exercise the priority, I spent my lunch hour at my desk, catching up on work. Tomorrow morning I'm hitting the gym. Time to start the end-of-the-week cycle of more intense exercise. Gym tomorrow, Yoga Friday, walks in the mornings of the next few days, and probably some intense compost shoveling this weekend. Aaaah.

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Food log:

Breakfast: granola with lots of strawberries

Lunch: sauteed onions, celery sticks with roasted red pepper hummus, leftover (lightly) breaded tilapia with peach-and-cilantro salsa.

Dinner: leftover chili, salad and half a piece of corn bread. A glass of milk.

Snacks: a snack sized Hershey's chocolate bar

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