Thursday, May 21, 2009

Running around, picking stuff up: a family entertainment

I got into the gym again this morning.  Two sets of upper body lifts, squats and crunches, with a ten minute warmup on the treadmill and bunch of stretching afterward, all to "Big Blue Ball."  I'm looking forward to the soreness tomorrow.

That's an interesting album, by the way.  Every once in a while, Peter Gabriel outfits a house with a bunch of recording spaces (in the basement, in the kitchen, out on the lawn, wherever they'll fit).  He invites a few dozen world class musicians, poets, and songwriters to the house for a few days, and music ensues.  "Big Blue Ball" is a selection of some of the songs recorded at these events over the years.  Lots of recognizable name musicians, and lots more talented players I've never heard of before.  The collaborations are fascinating too.  On one track, for instance, Papa Wembe's POWERFUL voice keeps pace with the Flamenco guitar of Juan Cañizares.  So cool.  My favorite track is "Habibe." Natacha Atlas sings in sultry arabic, over a driving beat set by Hossam Ramzy's percussion.  Makes me want to dance.

Tonight was family game night.  We played a rousing game of Cadoo.  My son's favorite cards are the ones that make you run through the house looking for different things (e.g. "find something round that you can balance on your head long enough to recite the A, B, Cs").  On his turn, he'd clap his little hands when it was time to draw a card, then squeal when he got one of these "run around" cards (as he calls them).  Some cards make you act something out, others ask you to draw something, and there are a few other kinds.  "Run around" cards are a hit with our family, though.

Food log:

Breakfast: yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries and a little granola, and a separate bowl of fresh pineapple, melon and strawberries.

Lunch: leftover vegetarian Chow Fun, some Ranier cherries, a snack pack of M&Ms.

Dinner: skewered and grilled grass-fed beef, with onions from the garden and bell peppers and zucchini from our CSA. A glass of wine.

Snacks: nothing...


  1. I love Peter Gabriel and have not heard his music since Passion. I will have to check out this one you are referring to.

  2. I hope you like it. He's only on a couple of the songs himself, but the rest have a similar vibe. "Us" and "So" are in heavy rotation on my iPod, too.