Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today I:

Woke up with a fever and aches at 2am.  And 4am.  And 5am.  Bleagh.  My son's sick right now too, so this is probably a bug, but...I missed a day's worth of my hypertension meds two days ago.  Seems to me I might have felt this way the last time I did that too.  Well, if it happens again, I'll have this log to look back on now.

Tried to focus on the feel of the blustery wind on my face, and watch the gulls circle while pumping gas.  Not easy on a busy street, with the fumes in the air, and a chill in my bones.

Went to Target, and checked out without buying a Diet Coke or anything to eat.

Started reading Barbara Kingsolver's book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," about her family's move from Arizona to lower Appalachia, and learning to grow their own food.  So far, I'm finding her writing style funny and poignant.  I love a good book.

Took a nap.  Not as much fun as taking a nap when well, but I'll take it.

Played a little Boggle Junior with the kids, while my little son walked on my back.  He won't be small enough to do that very much longer, so I try to enjoy it, even when he plants his feet and jumps off hard.

I'm still feeling feverish tonight.  Probably another day of rest tomorrow.  Unless I feel 100% tomorrow morning, I'll be missing my Ashtanga yoga class.  Too bad, as I really like the workout I get from that one.

Today I ate:

For breakfast: a cup of flax and pumpkin seed granola, with 1% milk, spiked with a tablespoon of ground flax seeds, and a banana.

For dinner: a slab of meatloaf, a pile of broccoli, a few roasted potato wedges and a glass of milk.  The potatoes and broccoli came from our backyard garden.  The broccoli we planted, while the potatoes were volunteers we found in the compost pile.  Nice surprise, that.

For snacks: six jellybeans, a slice of whole grain wheat toast with a dip of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cracked pepper.

At bedtime: a glass of red wine, to help me fall asleep.  Hopefully I'll have a good night's sleep.

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