Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out of Fear, Inspiration

A few weeks ago, I went in for a checkup.  I'd been feeling fat, and achy, and old.  The doc matched that ante, and raised me some more symptoms.  My hypertension was getting gradually worse.  My weight was getting gradually higher.  My blood sugar levels were gradually rising.  All bad signs.

All signs of something called metabolic syndrome.

Know what really woke me up?  That blood sugar level.

I've got a history, you see.  A family history.  An aunt, an uncle and a grandmother, all with diabetes.  Diabetes is one of those scary diseases that's incurable, and mostly irreversible.  Or so I'm told...I'm no expert.

But I'm not there yet.  I'm tending that way.  And I'm pretty sure that, if I don't make a change, I'll go the way of my family.  So, it's time to change the game.  Time to change my life.

Lots more exercise.  Lots less sugar and processed grains.  Lots more vegetables and fruits.  Lots less red meat.

It's a journey.  I'm making some big changes to get started.  More on that later.  From there, it's a step at a time.  Each day, do a little more than I ever thought I could.  It's like Yoga "practice."  It's like fishing.  It's about the journey.  About getting better each time you do it.  It's not about jumping right to the destination.  That's why they call it "fishing," not "catching."

This journal is just part of the plan.  My friend and sometimes personal trainer suggested that I write everything down.  Give myself a record to look back on.  A record of how it felt to be fat, and hurting, and listless.  A record of where I started, and how I got better.  A record I can use to support myself, and to sustain my willpower when the cravings strike and the motivation begins to fade.

So here it is.  Frankly, this is mostly for me.  But should you read this and feel the muse command you, I'd love to hear your stories, and would be grateful to receive your encouragement.


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