Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today I:

Slept better than the night before.  A few waking coughs, but much better.

Started collecting the water that runs while our showers are warming up.  We're using big buckets in the shower, then watering the garden with the saved H2O.  And yes, we're taking the buckets out before we get soap into our garden beds that way.

Put on my wedding band, and found it slipping.  I'm getting thinner (yay), but may need to have this band resized.  A good problem to have, surely.

Reclined the seat in my van, lay down, and watched my son sleep in his car seat while waiting in the odiferous breeze for my girls' horse riding lessons to end.  So peaceful.

Found that this cold, or whatever it is, has settled into my nose.  My energy is sapped and I'm running like a sieve.  If anyone can suggest a method of relieving a runny nose that doesn't involved anti-histamines (which are vaso-constrictors and not good for those of us with hypertension), I'd love to hear about it.

Today I ate:

For breakfast: 1c granola, with 1% milk and a tablespoon of ground flax seeds.  About 1/2c of strawberries.

For lunch: two slices of smoked turkey, two slices a provolone, a little mayo and a little mustard, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.  It was an experiment, but I'm not likely to repeat it.  Far too salty for my new diet.  Now...wrap up some leftover roasted chicken with some sauteed fresh vegetables and THAT would be something!  Next time...

For dinner: half a grilled cheese sandwich on whole grain bread, about a half cup of mixed peas and corn, and a little pile of broccoli - the last gift of our solitary broccoli plant this year.

For snacks: half a cucumber, half a yellow bell pepper and a carrot, chopped and dressed with a little homemade balsamic mustard vinaigrette dressing (three parts extra-virgin olive oil, one part balsamic vinegar, and a heaping teaspoon of your favorite mustard. Shake well, taste and adjust to your liking).  One small sized Cadbury mini egg.

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