Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 1 - redux

Back on the wagon, and feelin' good.  OK, it's just one day.  But a lifetime is made up of single days, and this was a good one.

I did miss Yoga this morning, as I bashed my pinkie toe into a step stool last night.  I heard a snap, and I'm hoping it was just the "knuckle" popping, but the toe hurts a lot today.  No swelling, no bruising, so it might well not be broken.  Here's hoping.

So, yes, I missed Yoga.  But I stayed away from chocolate and other sweet snacks today, except for one little "medicinal" piece.  I feel really good about that, after days of slippage.

Hopefully my toe will feel well enough tomorrow morning that I can go for my walk.  Time to rev up the exercise again!

And here's an odd bit of news.  As I mentioned, I've been snacking too much.  Lapsing.  I got on the scale this morning, expecting to have put a pound (or three) back on.  But I was down.  Down to JUST over 220 pounds.  I don't get it, but there it is.

My wife and I had a "date night" tonight, thanks to some good friends who added our kids to theirs for the evening.  We went to a (relatively) new burger place in town (The Burger Lounge).  This sidewalk cafe features grass-fed organic beef, organic produce and buns.  The burger was TASTY.  If you haven't tried grass-fed beef ( WIERD is it to have to put THAT caveat in there?), please do yourself a favor and go find someplace that has it.  The taste is much more intense.  Much better.

We had a nice meal, and spent a long hour or two talking.  And nobody interrupted us.  Aaaaah.

We spent the rest of the evening shopping for home furnishings.  End tables and table lamps for our living room, and a mirror for our kids' bathroom.  Shopping on a date night?  A waste of time, you say?  Not at all.  We hit five stores in about an hour, and never once had to say "don't touch that," "come over here," or "we're leaving now!"  Aaaaah.

We love our kids, and love spending time with them, but sometimes it's wonderful to just be together, even if all we do is go shopping.

Food log:

Breakfast: fresh fruit, with some yogurt and granola on it.

Lunch: stir-fried rice with veggies and tofu, a Diet Coke.

Dinner: out tonight with my wife!  A rare treat.  We went to Burger Lounge, a (relatively) new place nearby, which features organic produce and grass-fed, naturally raised beef.  I had a hamburger and a diet soda, and split an order of fries with my wife.  YUMMY!  We'll be back.

Snacks: one little Hershey's Nuggest dark chocolate truffle, a Nature's Choice granola bar.

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