Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Celebrations and Indulgences

So, if you have a gander at the food log below, you'll see that today wasn't a good day. At least as far as my intake goes. Some days, I slip. Today was one of those days.

This time, it wasn't about stress or anxiety. Today was about celebrations.

At work, a friend of mine is leaving the company. He's a young, unmarried man, and is off to found a startup. I admire his willingness to take on a new challenge like that. And while I'd never trade my terrific life for his terrific life, I'll admit to a little envy, and a little regret that I never took advantage of those younger years of mine to try our a startup or two. Water under the bridge, and I'm happy, but there it is.

Anyway, tomorrow is his last day. Today we had a little departure party for him, with a couple of cakes. Really beautiful, really nicely made, delicious-looking cakes. And it was a party. And I wouldn't want to be rude. Yeah, that's it.

I did keep to one, small piece, picking from the part of the cake laden with fresh strawberries on top. But still.

This afternoon, our eldest daughter and her troupe "bridged" from being Cadet Girl Scouts to Junior Girl Scouts. They did some fun activities together, walked over a long bridge in a local park, then had a few key ceremonies. These girls not only advanced to the next age group, but earned a number of badges and their Bronze Award...a significant achievement requiring quite a bit of planning, execution and community service. We're very, very proud of our daughter.

All of those festivities were capped off with a picnic in the park. My food options were limited. There was fruit available, and a veggie platter, but not enough of either for me to feel right loading up a plate from those two sources. The other options were pizza and nachos. And it was a party. And I wouldn't want to be rude. And the Lemon Squares one mother made looked _so_ good. Yeah, that's it.

Let's just say this. The food was tasty. I enjoyed myself. And now, I'm REALLY looking forward to hitting the gym hard tomorrow morning.

Food log:

Breakfast: granola with blueberries and a banana, 1% milk

Lunch: sauteed mixed vegetables (I've been eating a LOT of these, and STILL am not even close to being tired of them), a fresh apricot from the Farmer's Market (did I mention that stonefruit season is here? Awesome.), and a small slice of chocolate chip banana bread.

Snacks: two Dove singles, a small piece of VERY rich, decadent cake...with it's OK, right?

Dinner: two pieces of pepperoni pizza, half a dozen nacho chips with spicy cheese sauce, some grapes and cherries, some carrots, broccoli and grape tomatoes with a little ranch dressing. Two lemon squares. Yes, two. But they were GREAT. And there's lemon in it's OK, right?


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