Thursday, August 20, 2009

Return of the Food Log, Stay-cation begins

Time to start the food log up again. I find it makes a big difference to actually hold myself accountable for everything I eat in this way.

Or that's the theory. And it works! But occasionally I slip. See "Dessert," below...

Tomorrow is the first day of a week-and-a-day stay-cation. We have all kinds of simple plans to enjoy the bounty of our home town, and spend all kinds of time with the kids. I'm really looking forward to it.

Our girls have spent the last week in Oregon with my mother. From the phone calls, it sounds like they all had a terrific, if exhausting time. The girls are a little homesick, and we're looking forward to picking them up at the airport early tomorrow morning. I miss them dearly. I've enjoyed spending time with my son, very much. But it'll be nice to have the whole family back together again.

Food log:

Breakfast: a bowl of granola with milk, eaten while holding a cat in my lap. Purrrrrrr.

Lunch: leftover mandarin chicken with rice, and sauteed summer patty pan and yellow crookneck squash direct from the garden. You know, as a kid, I HATED squash. Now they're one of my favorite foods. It's amazing what a difference it makes to eat really fresh, vine-ripened anything. A Diet Coke.

Dinner: thai beef lettuce wraps, two chocolate chip cookies. A glass of milk.

Snacks: a piece of my wife's zucchini bread. A Nature Valley granola bar.

Dessert: I was having an OK day, living up to my promises to myself. Until my wife suggested ice cream in front of the TV after our son was in bed. My will flagging, I dug into a nice bowl of Extreme Moose Tracks.


  1. I know how you feel in a smaller more local way. Wyatt started full day Kinder and it feels a little empty around here. I love having Ella all by myself but Wyatt ads a certain element that is missing now.

  2. I remember that feeling well, from when Sarah and Isabella went off to Kindergarten for the first time. We'll have a mini-reprise this year, when our little son William starts at a pre-school two days a week without Mom.

    It's a potent brew of pride, anxiety and sort of the opposite of homesickness. Suddenly there's too much home, and not enough family in it.