Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogstorm: Meet Oli

Some weeks ago, we added a pair of cute and cuddly little kittens to our family. But there was another kitten, you see. A third brother. He was (also) adorable, and affectionate. A purr machine. We were just sure he'd find a home in short order. But four weeks passed, and still no takers. Not even any calls about him. We just couldn't leave him there by himself.

So, about three weeks ago, Oli joined the family. The first days were a little rough on him. He spent all of his time in the bathroom, meowing in a low, plaintive, constant cry. But little by little, he relaxed. Little by little, the other cats came to accept him.

These days, he's a cuddly, happy cat. He and his brothers play, and chase each other, and share each others' food. He loves to be petted, but still isn't quite sure about being held. He's learned to run on the hardwood floor without spinning out. We're one big happy family, and we have one more warm and snugly, funny ball of fur to warm our hearts.

Early days, in this picture. Loki (the smallest, but clearly the alpha cat) asserts his dominance by coming into "Oli's" bathroom and heading into Oli's carrier for a little sit down. Oli watches from the relative safety of the bathtub. Please ignore Oli's luminous blue eyes. Really, he's not possessed.

Thor, meanwhile, left it to Loki to put the newcomer in his place. He and I sometimes do Yoga together in the mornings. Wish I could stretch like that!


  1. That last picture is a gem! Great shot. Cats are like potato chips, you cant just have one or two for that matter.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, Julia. These cats a great fun, and GREAT for my blood pressure too :-)

  3. Will, even though I have yet to carry and pet the newest little member of the family I already love Oli. I was rooting for him during the transition. So glad to hear that's over. Hooray for cat yoga and Oli's wonderful family!